How to rank your video on YouTube- youtube seo optimization


How to rank your video in overnight- YouTube SEO optimization

How to rank your video in overnight- youtube seo optimization

YouTube SEO optimization
As we discussed in a previous article that how to find and target the keyword for ranking the content or making the video viral.If you seen the previous article that how to rank the video video in overnight just like a YouTube SEO optimization then you will get all the basics and now here we will go through all the advance of making the video viral on YouTube.
YouTube SEO optimization-Advance !

If you are ready to publish your content of video on youtube then before publishing just go to your video to make some changing in that just as go to your video which you have to publish and then select your video and press alt+enter or simply select your video and press right mouse button and select there option like properties and then change the title of your video but make sure your video title is exact to your keyword and put the keyword for your title exactly which has higher bids and searches are great.
Find the keyword/niche for your video

Here we have lots of free tools like keyword planner,semrush,keywordspy,alexarank and much more.Here we will discuss which tool has unique
features where we could get all the keyword exactly in a no time.So let’s discuss here.The first tool we have is,
Keyword planner-This is one of the great tool which we can use to get all the keyword or niche planning exactly.But where you will get this tool,You can get this tool free online just going to google.Open web browser and go to its URL section and mention there keyword planner and then hit the enter button then your browser will redirect you at the official page of keyword planner and there you have to go at the menu of tools and hover over your mouse there and select a option like keyword planner after getting this tool just click on it and put your desired keyword but keyword must be relevant to your video and after putting your keyword just scroll that page and see at the bottom there a button will be specified like get ideas,simply click on it and get the result that the keyword you are putting with your video has high bids,high searches and competition has there or not and if all the criteria matches well then select your keyword and come back to your video properties and put that copied keyword just to the title of your video and when you will put the keyword don’t forget to add this word with every video’s title like ‘HOW TO’ then your keyword.I am Making it more clear for you,suppose your video is all about YouTube then decorate this keyword as ‘how to use YouTube’ because every single one who comes on YouTube and make a searching then they put the first keyword like how to then there relevant keyword.Hope you get it.

Just watch the tutorial to get more