How to rank your video on youtube #1 page fast-white label seo



How to rank your video on youtube #1 page fast-white label seo

Most of the newbie thinks it that i got my content or video on the first page of YouTube and as well as on Google.So it is very easy to rank the video or content just on the first page of YouTube or Google.But here we will discuss all about YouTube and then we will discuss about Google.So if you want to go through all its basic things then just start here how to do all the things just step by step.

Video seo-white label seo

For doing a successful seo or video seo just like white label seo then keep in mind you have to do some changes in that.Suppose you have video to put on YouTube and don’t know well how to put the video and how to optimize then follow this simple tricks right here,
first open your video properties just by pressing alt+enter or simply select the video and press right mouse button and select a option like properties and after opening the properties make some changes in that like if your video is all about tutorial like SEO or WORDPRESS or whatever then go to video’s properties and put the exact keyword like SEO just by finding the keyword from keyword planner and then put the keyword by copying from keyword planner.

White label seo-Ranking factors

first create a longer video and video duration must be more than 25 minutes because YouTube ranks that video which has longer duration.And this tricks will work like skyrocket for your videos or the contents.And every single YouTubers follow this tricks to rank their specific video.

Ranking video factors

Second follow ‘PPP’ formula. PPP stands for preview proof preview.Let’s clear it.Suppose you are designing tutorial or any types of video then first show the preview of your video and then proof that what are you going to cover in this entire lecture so the visitor will get the proof first then they will eager to watch your video and click on your video and again preview the final aftermath or result of your video viz after completing this course you will be able to do the works like this.So please follow these two simple tricks,first Longer video and second PPP formula.

watch the white label seo video here to know the things exactly