Php & MySql



PHP stands for Personal Home Page and it is a server-side scripting language.It has been ┬ádesigned specially for web development but it is also used in programming language to give some uniqueness to that.It was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in the year of 1994.As we knew PHP stands for Personal Home Page but now it stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP code can be embedded with HTML(Hyper text markup language) code or also used to combine with different web templates,and also with Content management system in short it is called CMS. PHP codes are normally processed with a PHP interpreter implemented just as a module in the web server.Here we have words like PHP interpreter,Let’s discuss about it- An interpreter is actually a computer programme in the language of computer science which executes the programme directly and An interpreter are generally used for following strategies of program execution.
1.Parse the source code and perform the behavior directly.
2.Convert the source code into some efficient and immediately execute that.

PHP code can be executed with a CLI,CLI stands for Command line interface and it can also be used to implement the graphical applications.Now the standard PHP interpreter powered by the Zend Engine.Here we have word like ZEND ENGINE-Let’s discuss-The Zend Engine is actually a open source scripting engine which interprets the programming of PHP language and Zend Engine was originally developed by Andi Gutmans and Zeev Suraski while they are students.And after this they later founded a company called Zend Technologies.And also the name ZEND is a combination of their forenames,ZEEV AND ANDI.
The first version of Zend engine came in the year of 1999 with the earlier version of PHP lIKE PHP 4.And Zend was fully written in the computer language ‘C’.The Zend engine gives memory and resource management and other standard services for the PHP language
The source code for the Zend engine has been freely available just under the Zend Engine License.The PHP language developed without a written formal specification until 2014, leaving the canonical PHP interpreter . Since 2014 work has gone on to create a formal PHP specification.


MySQL is actually an open-source relation database management system in short called RDBMS.Here we have word like open-source-Let’s know about it,The open source model is a model of production and development ,open source as a development model promotes universal access via an open-source or free license.Generally, open source goes to a computer program where the source code is available for the users just for use and/or customize,modification from its original design.Open source gained hold with the rise of the Internet.
MySQL is actually a combination of “My” the name of co-founder Michael ‘Widenius’daughter an “SQL”its abbreviation for Structured Query Language and this is the central component for the LAMP ,this is a open-source web application software and LAMP is also an acronym for Linux,Apache,MySQL,Perl/Python/PHP.

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