Learn Sass and Scss bigenner to advance from scratch



Sass is actually a syntactically awesome stylesheets it is basically a stylesheet language and it was designed by Hampton Catlin and developed by Natalie.After its initial versions Natalie extended the Sass with SassScript,it is a simple scripting language which is used in sass files .Sass is actually a scripting language which is just like a cascading stylesheets.Sass has two syntax the original syntax called the indented syntax,and this syntax uses just as syntax similar to Html.It is used to separate the code blocks to separate rules.The rising syntax SCSS uses to format just like of CSS(cascade stylesheet).Here we will discuss indented syntax and SCSS and both gives different extensions such as .sass and.scss respectively.
Now we will discuss a bit about CSS3,As we know CSS 3 came in existence just after the CSS and CSS3 has a great series of selectors with Pseudo-selectors and extended version of CSS is now SASS.

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How to use Sass in project

Users can’t apply sass in project directly.For applying it to the project we need to follow its instruction seriously
These are various ways to apply the SASS file to the projects such as:
1.Through Application
2.Command line

Let’s talk about Through Application

Users can apply the SASS file to the project using its given application like
Prepros-Download it
Hammer-Download Hammer(only for Mac users)
Compass.app-Download compass
Ghostlab-Download Ghostlab
Koala-Download Koala
scout-Download Scout

Installing on windows

Before installing the application users need to install  RubyInstaller.it is a one-click installer,it will install the file with high speed.

Installing on Linux

if users have distribution of Linux then they will need to install the Ruby first,Users can install Ruby through package manager.

Installing on Mac
If users have Mac then its a great news for them they need no to install Ruby application because Ruby comes pre-installed in Mac based operating systems.Just follow this trick to get the Sass file installed in your Mac based operating systems . Open command line just by going inside the Utilities folder.install sass-Ruby uses gems to manage the packages of code like SASS.And put this code in your terminal window ‘gem install sass’, to your terminal window the sass file will start to install.It seems magical ,yes it is.


Here we have topics such as,

let’s talk about its mentioned topics


As we know CSS has a great value,but its stylesheet are getting bigger ,getting complex and harder to maintain .So this is where a Preprocessor makes our work easier.
Now we have Variables

Variable are just as see the screenshot.


Now we have Nesting
just follow it


Now we have Partials and Imports


Now we have Mixins

just follow it


Now we have Inheritance

sass inheritance

Read the mentioned topics of Sass and get more from it.

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