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Jquery is actually a Javascript library and Jquery is the most popular open source library of javascript to make the works more easier and more faster.Jquery’s syntax is specially designed to navigate the document.And it is used to create the animations,develop Ajax applications and also handle the events.And Jquery simplifies javascript programming.
Jquery Overview
Jquery is actually a document object model library, in short it is called DOM.DOM actually represent the elements of webpage then Jquery simplifies the syntax to find,to select,and also to manipulate the elements of DOM just take a  example , we can use Jquery to find the element inside the document for a certain property.Jquery has also a feature of paradigm providing to handle the event that goes just beyond basic DOM selection and manipulation.Jquery also target the highly Javascript functionality like fade ins,fade outs.Download Jquery file right here.Download Jquery.

Jquery banner

Why Jquery developed ?

Jquery was developed just for separating the Javascript and HTML-JQuery provides simple syntax for adding the event and handle to DOM just using the Javascript.Then Extensibility-Extensibility has new elements , events and methods which can be easily added then reused as a plugin.Then Clarity and Brevity-Jquery promotes the clarity and Brevity with features like shorthand function and chainable functions. Then fixing cross-browser incompatibilities-Jquery handles all the cross-browser issues and fix them.

Jquery features

Jquery includes these features,

DOM-DOM elements selections just using for multi-browser to open source selector and also DOM manipulate with CSS selectors then we have Effect and animation and Ajax then JSON and so on.

Let’s know its syntax
Jquery syntax is such as:

Basic syntax is: $(selector).action()
Here $ sign to access or define the Jquery and selector is to find the HTML elements and parentheses is () to performed the elements.
See examples

$(“p”).hide-it will hide all paragraph <p> elements and $(this).hide-it will hide the current element.Here we have more example ,$(“.test”).hide()-it will hide all the elements with class=”test”.And $(“#test”).hide()-it will hide the element with the id=”test”.Here we have $(“p”)-you can select all paragraph just putting the $(“p”).

Now we will know Jquery Selectors

Jquery selectors allow to select the HTML elements and its selectors basically used to get or select the HTML elements based on their classes,types,values,name and id and much more.It works on basically the existing CSS selectors.Now we will know its selector,Here we have CSS selectors just see here to know more.

css selectors

Now we will talk about Id selector
The id selector is used to find the specific element,and to find the element with specific id,just mention #(hash) character like $(“#test”).

Now we will talk about Jquery Events

it makes the thing User-Friendly just see the example of an event

  1. moving a mouse over the element
  2. clicking on an element,selecting a radio button

See some DOM(document object model) example

dom example

Now Jquery effects
Jquery has tons of effect like hide and show effect , fading effect,sliding effect,animating effect,stop effect,callback effect and also chaining effect.Now we will know all it’s mentioned effect,
Here we have
Jquery Hide/Show-see the image mentioned below


Here we have fading effect

Jquery fading effect

Then we have sliding effect

slide edited

Here we have animating effect

Jquery animating effectStop effect

Jquery stop effect

I will cover all the things from scratch in the tutorials.

watch the introductory video here(coming Soon)