Learn Html5 , Css3 , Javascript from scratch


Learn Html 5,Css3 & Javascript to build a Responsive websites

A small note about Html

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.Html is actually a markup language which
has bigger combination of tags.Here is the word ‘TAGS’, Tags are basically a coding which we use in the editor to make the things working just read about it’s Element.And also HTML create the fundamentals or the structure of Webpage using the markup.Read more about Html

A small word about HTML tags

HTML tags come in pairs like

The first tags in h1 that is the starting tag and the tag which has a forward slash like </h1> then it will be ending or closing tag.So the tag which we will use to create the things that will have closed as well so that code will work,and also the starting tags are called opening tag and the ending tags are also called closing tag.


HTML 5 banner

In beginning HTML has numerous versions with year wise like

HTML-it comes in the year of 1991 then we have HTML 2.0(1995) then HTML 3.2(1997) after it HTML 4.01(1999) and then XHTML(2000) then day took u-turn and brought a new revolution in the field of Web and we got HTML 5 in the year of 2014 and still it is running. it makes the difference in the webpage just giving a specific code to the page

HTML 5 & Simple HTML

A DOCTYPE clears HTML5 TO simple HTML.

Watch below to get the HTML 5

Now CSS  & CSS 3

CSS stands for Cascade Stylesheet.It is used to polish the website and to makeover just read the CSS syntax.without using the CSS we can’t give a unique look to the website.So it’s using is too required to give the another look to the website.CSS is actually applies on the page with three ways like External,Internal and Inline just read more about it’s using.Here is the word External, Internal and Inline let’s discuss.External means we create another page of CSS then link that created page to index page , and internal we use the CSS just inside the head tag in the index page  and Inline applies directly inside the tags or with giving a span tag there. Read more about it’s ways of applying.see the image below to get the differences of HTML AND CSS

Html and css differences

Watch  CSS 3

Now Javascript

Javascript is actually a programming language of HTML and the Web.it is used to give
the interactivity to the users to use accordingly and also read it’s syntax.It puts the power in website.So it’s too required to know the basics and also advance of the Javascript.
Some Great Features of Javascript

Javascript is used to validate the forms
javascript is best for putting the condition in the webpage.

we will talk all about javascript and it’s condition in lecture.so stay tuned with me.Javascript banner