Learn Drupal fully basic to advance



Drupal is actually a free and open source CMS,CMS is called basically content management system which has been written in the PHP language and distributed under the General Public License in short GNU which provides a back-end framework for all websites.Drupal was written by Dries Buytaert as a message board. Drupal turned an open source in the year 2001.Download Drupal & extend from here.

Drupal is used almost all the places like personal blogs,for corporate and also for government sites and also used for knowledge management and for business.And it was developed by Dries Buytaert on 18th of May 2000 just 16 years back and it was written in PHP by using the symfony and it supports almost all the operating systems like Windows or unix-like and the biggest advantage of Drupal is its Multilingual and its type is based on Content Management framework(CMF),Content management system,Community and also Blog software.And new release of Drupal is known as Drupal core which contains basic Features like content-management systems which includes user account registration,menu management,and also maintenance,RSS feeds,page layout customization and system administration.The Drupal core can serve as a website, a internet forum or a community website for user generated content.Here we have word like User generated content,just know about it-User-generated content in short called (UGC) is defined as any form such as discussion forums,blogs,wikis,chats,podcasts,tweets,posts,digital images,video and also audio files and other forms of media which was created by users for an online system.It is also called user-created content (UGC).UGC may constitute a portion of a website.For example there are sites where the lots of content are prepared by administrators, but numerous ancillary submissions are made by the Website’s users, such as product reviews or comments.The Drupal Overview has a feature of the project and it describes as a content management framework.And Drupal also describes itself as a web application framework.Here we will discuss about Web application framework-A web application framework in short called WAF is a software framework which is designed to support the development of web applications including web services,web resources and also web APIs.For example,many web frameworks provide libraries for database access,templating frameworks and also for session management,and they often provides code to reuse. Drupal community is composed more than one million members just in November 2016.Although Drupal offers API For developers,Here we have API,Let’s know about it-Application programming interface (API),in computer programming API is a set of subroutine definitions,protocols and tools for building the software and applications.A best API makes the work easier and convenient to develop the program by giving all the building blocks.An API may be for a operating system,database system and also for web-based system or computer hardware, and also library for software.We will discuss all about Drupal with live project so you will get more from it.

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