Learn Dreamweaver and build a site form scratch



Dreamweaver is actually a web development based tool which was developed by Adobe systems and it was created in the year of 1997 by Macromedia and all the things was fully managed by them until Macromedia was acquired to the Adobe systems in the year of 2005.Dreamweaver is just like other markup editors like Brackets,Notepad++, Coda,Sublime text editor and simple notepad.And the greatest thing about Dreamweaver  is its language availability it has lots of language like English,Czech, Traditional Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Italian, Korean , Polish, Japanese, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish,Dutch,Russian.See the Adobe’s Product.

dreamweaver banner
Let’s know Dreamweaver’s features
Adobe Dreamweaver is actually an application which has combines with a visual surface as it is known as Live view and also it has great and standard features like syntax highlighting,and closing the opened tag;

What is syntax highlighting ?
Syntax highlighting is actually a features of text editors ,and text editors are actually used for programming and also for markup languages like HTML.Syntax highlighting does not make any changes in the code it is just intended only for human readers.This features shows the text only and the source code with a different colors and also fonts according to the terms .Here we have some examples of Syntax highlighting

syntax highlighting

Dreamweaver Supports syntax highlighting for the following languages like
Hypertext markup language(HTML)
Extensible HyperText Markup Language(XHTML)
Cascading Stylesheets(CSS)
Action Server pages(ASP)
Extensible Markup Language
Visual basic and many more,Php
Let’s know about the topics mentioned above.

Here we have Hyper Text Markup Language

Hypertext markup language is specially used for creating the standard language for building Webpages and also for web applications with CSS and javascript.Html elements are actually a building blocks of HTML Pages.

Now we have Extensible HyperText Markup Language

XHTML is actually a part of XML languages and also it is an application of XML

Now we have CSS
CSS stands for Cascade Stylesheet.It is used to polishing the Website.Html actually builds the structure of Webpage but CSS styles that beautifully.

Here we have Action server page(ASP)

ASP is actually a server side scripting language
see the screenshot right here.


Now ColdFusion

Coldfusion is an authorized software of Adobe and it was used for commercial web application development and it was created by JJ Allaire in the year 1995.

Now we have Extensible Markup Language

Extensible Markup Language is also called XML.It is also a markup language.
Now C#

c# is actually a programming language.

Now Javascript

Javascript is actually a programming language of HTML and the Web.it is used to give
the interactivity to the users to use accordingly and also read it’s syntax.It puts the power in website.So it’s too required to know the basics and also advance of Javascript.
Some Great Features of Javascript

Javascript is used to validate the forms
javascript is best for putting the condition in the webpage.

Now Versions

Macromedia firstly launched Dreamweaver 1.0 in December in the year of 1997 and it was only specific for Mac OS thereafter Macromedia launched its version 1.2 in March 1998 and it was launched for Microsoft based operating systems like windows then launched 2.0 in December 1998 for both Operating systems like Mac and windows then launched its another version 4.0 in December in the year of 2000 then brought a new version 6.0 on 29th May 2002.As time went on Macromedia keep on updating its version. After this Macromedia was acquired to the Adobe systems then Adobe launched its version CS6 12.0 on 21st April 2012 with some unique features.After this adobe launched its another version named Creative cloud on 17th june 2013.And finally Adobe launced its newer version name CC 17.0 on 2nd Nov 2016 with the different features.


we will discuss all about dreamweaver in a Introductory lecture