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What is CorelDraw ?
CorelDraw is actually a vector based image-editing software.Here is the word vector,now you will have thinking that what is vector than get it,we have two option in the editing software first raster and the second is vector.It is Logo based editing software so it is based on vector.And the actual meaning of vector is,if you zoom your image at a maximum then it will never  pixelate because it is based on Outline.And the Raster is totally opposite to the vector.In vector, image or logo will never pixelate because in vector everything what we create is based on outline.So Corel-Draw has more and more advantages which we can’t count on the fingers.CorelDraw is one of the most important software for Designers and Photographers also.CorelDraw was actually developed and marketed by Corel Corporation of Ottawa,Corel Corporation is well-known company which is running now all over the world.CorelDraw has more than 100 software which are used in every field almost See the Corel corporation’s software.The advantage of CorelDraw is, it creates two-dimensional images like as logos and posters.

CorelDraw banner

Corel’s Blueprint

The first version of Corel came in existence in January 16th in the year of 1989 just before 27 years back and it was developed by using two programming language such as C++,C#(c-sharp).As we knew that CorelDraw came in existence in the year 1989 and that time it was developed as CorelDraw 1.x and 2.x which ran under windows 3.0 and 3.1.CorelDraw came just after the Microsoft released a windows version 3.0.As the time went on Corel keep on changing about its version.See it’s all version.

Corel’s version

CorelDraw launched its first version as CorelDraw 1 in the year 1989 and it supported windows version 2.1.Then CorelDraw 1.01 in March 1989 and this version 1.01 introduced backups on save,and drawing rectangles from center.Then launched another version as 1.02 with IBM file support.After this a newer version launched as 1.10 in the year 1989 with unique features as 102 new fonts with WFNBOSS file font manager.After this again Corel launched its another version 1.11 in Feb 1990 with Autocad import/export supports.As time went on Corel kept on developing Corel’s version.Finally CorelDraw has 22 to 23 versions with best to best features.And finally we got a full Updated version of Corel and that is CorelDraw x8 its launched 15th of March in the year 2016.

CorelDraw was actually developed for Microsoft windows 3 and now it supports almost all the Microsoft based operating systems such as Windows XP,windows vista,windows 8 and now on Windows 10 and basically CorelDraw was developed for Apple Macintosh but due to poor selling,Corel discontinued it.CorelDraw creates file in CDR format.We can open CDR file also in another software like Adobe illustrator,CorelDraw Paintshop Photo Pro,CorelDraw WordPerfect Office Inkspace if unicover install in that.LibreOffice with Libcdr installed Microsoft Freehand ski and Xara.

Download CorelDraw x8(Fully updated)

go to above link and follow the screenshot

corel download

Download CorelDraw(older version)