Learn Adobe In-design From scratch



Adobe InDesign is a print-publishing type software which was developed by Adobe systems.It is used to create the books cover,mockup,newspapers,flyers and as well as magazines and also it is used to create the postcard , letterhead and an envelope as well and also it is being used to create a professional resume,slideshows and also create interactive documents like audio,video,Html’s document and also digital publications to make the things fully responsive so that documents can be viewed with proper alignment on a variety of devices like mobile,tablet,Pc.it is used at a big scale by Graphic designers and production just for print publishing.InDesign saves document as PDF(Portable Document Format) and the biggest advantage of this software is it supports almost 24 country’s language without any bugs or a single issue.So it is so popular and almost all graphic designers and print publications like it to put some interactivity to the documents.Without using it graphic designers and print publications will not add a bit interactives to the documents.They can,but to the some extand by using alternatives of this software InDesign.Adobe Systems has developed tons of useful software.See the software’s list.
Adobe Systems developed Adobe InDesign cs3 and creative cloud simultaneously but adobe InDesign runs greatly.Read more about Indesign.

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InDesign is actually a successor of Adobe PageMaker,which was handovered to Aldus by selling in 1994.And it was developed first for Mac OS-X and later developed for Microsoft based operation systems.Read initially.

See the versions with year wise

InDesign 1.0 in August 31,1999
InDesign 1.0j(it is supported only in Japan)
Then InDesign  Page Maker-It was launched in the market in October’s 2003 after it InDesign cs2 in May 2005 then InDesign cs3-in May 2007 and InDesign cs4-October 2008 after it InDesign cs5-April 2010,InDesign cs5(7.5)-It was launched in market
just after one year in same month April 2011.Again InDesign cs6-April 2012 after it adobe started to put some unique name to cs6 then cs6 turned into cc and first new version which came in market that was InDesign cc(9.2) in the year of 2014 and later Adobe again launched its newer version InDesign cc(10) in January 2014.And As the time went on adobe keep on launching the best to bests version of InDesign.And last Adobe launched InDesign cc(11.2) in 30th of November 2015 and this version export the file as an IDML ,IDML means InDesign Markup Language,which can only be opened with InDesign CS4 and all those which came later after cs4 and older version which came before CS4 exports an INX file.INX  actually stands for Indesign interchange format.
Let’s talk about its Extension,filename & Version 

First extension is INDB and filename is InDesign book and this extension supports CS5 and earlier.After this INX it’s file name is InDesign interchange and it supports CS4 and earlier,
IDML-IDML stands for InDesign Markup Language and it’s filename is also InDesign Markup Language and it supports CS5 and earlier now,PMD-Its file name is Adobe PageMaker and supports 6.0 to 7.0 and then we have XQXP-it’s file name is QuarkXpress Passport and supports on 4.1x and after this we have XQX-it’s file name is QuarkXpress and supports 3.3 to 4.1x.
Let’s discuss it’s Exporting formats and Extension
Extension is such as-

PDF-filename is Portable Document Format
EPS-filename is Encapsulated PostScript
FLA-filename is Flash CS5 professional
SWF-shockwave flash
IDML-InDesign Markup Language

XML-Adobe InDesign tagged language
RTF-Rich text format
TXT-Text only
ICML-Adobe InCopy document and so on

Download InDesign

follow the screenshot to get the file

indesign file download
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