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what is Adobe Illustrator ?
Adobe Illustrator is vector based image-editing software.Here is the word vector,now you will have thinking that what is vector than get it,we have two option in the editing software first raster and the second is vector.It is Logo based editing software so it is based on vector.And the actual meaning of vector is,if you zoom your image at a maximum then it will never be pixilated because it is based on Outline.And  the Raster is totally opposite to the vector.In vector, image or logo will never be pixilated because in vector everything what we create is based on outline.So Adobe Illustrator has more and more advantages which we can’t count on the fingers.Illustrator is one of the most important software for Designers and Photographers also.This is the Adobe’s software.Adobe is well-known company which is running now all over the world.Adobe has more than 100 software which are used in every field almost See the Adobe software list.In the beginning Illustrator was launched as a Adobe Illustrator Versions 1–1.6 but now we have updated versions of it that is Illustrator CC.In the beginning lots of changing came in Illustrator likely its version illustrator 1-1.6, Illustrator 2.6,7.10 and now CS-CS6,then we have Adobe illustrator CC(fully updated with some unique features) and All the updated version of its keep an importance in them.All the single Designer and the Developer of the world are well-familiar about this Adobe illustrator and also you can check it’s version .

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Illustrator’s Blueprint
Adobe illustrator was developed by Apple Macintosh firstly in the year 1986 just for commercial use and that time it was used just for creating the font and also PostScript.Here is the word PostScript,PostScript is actually a language of computer which is used to create the Vector graphics and it was developed by Adobe systems in the year of 1982-1984.And it is used just for desktop-publishing and also for page description language in the field of Electronic Publishing.Here is the word as Desktop publishing, let’s know about it.Desktop publishing is also called DTP.it is used to create a simple page layout and basically Desktop Publishing is actually a software which can generate simple layouts and also it can create a typographic quality based text.Now we have Electronic Publishing-Electronic publishing is also called E-Publishing or online Publishing.It is used to create the E-books,digital magazines and also for catalogs creating.Here is some examples of Electronic publishing such as PDF, E-book, Electronic journal,Online newspaper,and also CD-ROM(compact disk read-only memory).Adobe illustrator is actually a friendly product of Adobe Photoshop and basically Photoshop is geared just to Photo Manipulation.
Illustrator Versions 1–1.6-Developed by Apple Macintosh in the year of 1986 ,Illustrator 2-6-Developed by Adobe systems just for Apple Macintosh but later it supported to the other platforms just in the early 1990s.The first version of Adobe which came in existence that was Adobe illustrator for windows and version was 2.0 in the early 1989 and it didn’t run greatly just flopped.And the next windows version was 4.0 which came in existence just after the previous version.And as the time went on Adobe started to put on some interactives to the illustrator.
Illustrator(7-10)-Adobe made a great changing in the user-interface and also made a great changing in path editing.And the great difference between Illustrator and Photoshop is Illustrator create all the file based on outline and SVG(scalable Vector Graphics) and Photoshop is based on Raster(Pixilating at a maximum zoom) and after this CS-CS6 came in existence with some unique features.And after this A newer version Illustrator came in existence.Here it the word CC, it means creative cloud.Download Adobe Illustrator just following the link and screenshot mentioned below.

Download Adobe illustrator(Updated)
Download Adobe illustrator(older)


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