How to get more views and subscribers on your channel

get more views and subscribers on youtube
get more views and subscribers on youtube

How to get more views and subscribers on your channel ?

Here every newbie wants to learn how to increase views and subscribers on their channel. This is the biggest question for every single newbie who works on YouTube to earn some serious dollor.The key-factor of increasing views and subscribers are follows-
1st-Make your video profitable which provides profit to people.You need to post the video which force to share your content or video.suppose you are creating a tutorial about SEO(search engine optimization) then put a great tricks of SEO inside your video or content.So that the viewer will get the benefit from that lecture.
2nd-Put the exact works inside your content as per your video title. Dont move the topics here and there.Because no one wants to listen the definitions only,Viewer wants to get the final result or aftermath of tutorial.
3rd-In the beginning of your video must say this word ‘Friends subscribe my channel to keep updated for my next video irrespective your video is all about moving the viewer here and there.
4th-Put some attracting effect to your content or video.
5th-Add intros and outros to your video.Intros and outros will promote your video higher and it also tells your video is branding and professionally.
5th-Make your video noise free.Make your attention seriously on it,and if you video has noise then you can add some background music to your video but make sure your background music has low volume.And for adding the background music you can go to YouTube’s dashboard and find there ‘create’ option which will be at left side inside your dashboard and then click on it and go to Free music tab which is selected by default and download the music which you want to add as a background.Then you will not get a single copyright issue on your video and if you use another music except YouTube then its higher chances to get a copyrighted issue on your content or video.So use the YouTube audio to add the background music.
5th-Join the communities on Google+ and also in the group of Facebook and if your keyword or niche is regarding the WordPress/SEO tutorial then join the communities on google plus relevant to the keyword exactly and do same on Facebook group.And you have to join that communities or group where members are more than 1000 so whenever you make any post or share your video in that joined communities or group then you will get 1000+ views just in a while.So join the communities and group as much as possible.
6th-Send friend request to foreigner in your Facebook.For finding the foreigner just join the groups like web designer or developer or Photoshop and go to groups member and get there lots of member and send the request to them.Suppose your video or content is regarding tutorial then join that groups or communities which is relevant to your keyword.
7th-Don’t use any shortcut method like Bots, auto-view increaser. Don’t listen others who says you to pay some dollor to increase the views or subscribers.They will do the shortcut technique and for that act your account will get suspended. So live away from such shortcut methods.

Watch the lecture right here to get the views and subscribers.