Create a Motion Effects in Adobe After Effects

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Introductory Motion Effects

Motion effect is actually a effect which put the motions effect to the things.

How to create a Motion effects in Adobe After Effects ?

it is very easy to create a Motion Effect.Suppose you have to create a motion effect then just open the After effects in your PC and after opening After effects go to create a new document or composition,actually a document is called new composition in after effects.For creating a new composition open after effects then go to project panel and there a icon has been given,go there on the icon and hover over the mouse then you will get the icon name and there it will be mention like create a new composition ,simply click on it after clicking a new window will pop-up with specified the pre-defined options like composition name after this you will get two tab mentioned such as Basic and advanced,Basic tab is selected by default and this tab has lots of option or function see here,Create a new composition just by following it right here.Download After effects here.
Preset-HDV/HDTV 720 29.97 and also preset has lots of pre-defined resolution such as custom web video 320×240,web banner 468×60 and similarly many more.You have to select the preset as per need. After this you will get the width and height and then its value will just next to it like width:1280px , height:720px. If you want to increase its width then simply go to its value and click once on that then editing option will be there and then put your value as per required and if not then simply go to the number and drag to the left direction just by clicking on that and when you will go to left direction by clicking then its value will decrease and when you go to right direction by clicking on it then it will increase its value.just at the bottom you will find ok button simply click and get started.After this process your new composition will be over there with your selected color and here you have to create a motion effects,So let’s create here,
Create Motion effects here,

When you will get your new composition filled with different color as per your selecting then you have to take the Type tool which will be just at the top mentioned with icon like ‘T’ simply click on it and come to your composition and click anywhere inside your composition and then type your text there as per need.And if you want to align the text at the center and wherever inside your documents or want to change the font size and color and whatever,you need to find the character panel which will be at right side just at the bottom and if you don’t find it simply go to window menu which will be at the top and at right side go to it and tick over the character thereafter your character panel will start showing in your After Effects and then modify your text/font.
Basics of creating Motion effects,

For creating a motion effect you need to create a key-frame and key-frame creating is very easy,Go to layer panel and there your layer will be visible by name,the name you put in your composition,same name will come in your layer panel and go to this panel and click on the icon like play and you will get the option like transform click on it and there five option will mentioned with stop watch.Suppose you have option like scale and it has also a stopwatch,stopwatch is basically used for creating a key-frame.And after this see the video right here to get it more ! Know key-frame deeply-click here